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BVI Red Cross

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s leading crisis response organisation.

The Red Cross is involved in many projects that serve the community. The BVI Red Cross offers Prostate Cancer Screening annually. This involves the preparation of forms, typing of letters, circulating information to the public and all parties concerned, negotiation with various Government Departments to ensure that proper authorisation is received to carry out the programme. It also involves a lot of follow up work after the screening is completed. Blood Typing & Blood Donor Drives are also held by the BVI Red Cross. This is done annually and enables the Hospital, Lab Department to procure added blood donors each year.

The BVI Red Cross offers medical equipment for rent, home care basic training, and first aid training. In addition the Red Cross is involved very much with the Office of Disaster Preparedness in all their programmes. They render service at all sporting events and other public functions, and offer other general functions in the Community especially to the elderly and those most vulnerable including children who are considered “at risk”. Distribution of food baskets, clothes, medical assistance, etc. are but some of the services provided.

An HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme is also offered through the BVI Red Cross. This is a project in which members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment section are trained in all the various facets of sexually transmitted infections and aids. These young people then spread out into the community and teach their peers using the various methods of dissemination to get their message across. There is close collaboration with the National Aids Council especially in planning community awareness activities and the celebration of World Aids Day.

Fund raising is a vital part of the work of the organization. As a voluntary organization, the BVI Red Cross depends on the generosity of persons and organizations within the community for grants from time to time but they do hold jumble sales, walkathons, food sales, receptions, place donation bins in the Banks and Supermarkets, etc. and run a thrift shop.



St. George's School

The St. George’s Secondary School is located on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. The educational aspirations and goals for the school are high. Although the school is preparing students to realize their potential and express their unique individuality, it is also fostering a sense of civic responsibility and respect as well as community involvement. The school is striving to offer the best practices in educational management, teaching and learning methods and assessment; St. George’s involve all stake holders in the delivery of education and encouragement of healthy and productive parent-teacher relationships. The school has won many awards over the past three years in areas such as science, spelling Bee, Art, oratory and debating competitions. 
With diligent attention and the usual co-operation of staff and stakeholders, the students will be well served.

St. George's School employs 11 full time and three part-time teachers and staff. There are 103 students, the majority of which are born in the BVI. Annual tuition ranges from $5500 to $6000, and six full scholarships are given for a 5 year period. The school has total expenditures of over $720,000, but an income of only $587,000. Please sponsor this worthy cause.



St. Mary's School

St. Mary's School is located on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It was started over 130 years, closed in 1982 and reopened in 2004. The school serves more than 40 students including BVI Islanders and children from all over the world including the Caribbean, Nigeria, Guatemala, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

St. Mary's School's tuition covers only about 50% of the actual operating costs. The tuition is intentionally kept low to allow students from all economic backgrounds to attend St. Mary's School. The school is successful in attracting a diverse student population, but has to find creative ways to raise money from its small community.

The 2008 Virgin Islands Winemakers Dinners hopes to ease the financial strain on this great institution.